mahabubnagar history


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Mahabubnagar History Telangana forms the core of the Satavahana Dynasty (221BC-218 AD), Part of Chalukyan Dynasty in South India (between 5th and 11th century AD) […]

Koilsagar mahabubnagar

Koilsagar Mahabubnagar

May 9, 2016 admin 0

Koilsagar Mahabubnagar In Koilsagar Irrigation Project constructed to irrigate an ayacut of 12000Acres, in Mahaboobnagar district, ayacut has not fully developed. It is now proposed […]

joorala project mahabubnagar

Jurala project mahabubnagar

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Priyadarshini Jurala project mahabubnagar The Joorala Project (also called the Jurala or Priyadarshini Jurala Project) is situated about 10 km from Kuravapur, Mahabubnagar. It is […]

Srirangapur temple mahabubnagar

Srirangapur Mahabubnagar

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Srirangapur Temple Mahabubnagar Srirangapur is situated at a distance of 12 km from Wanaparthy, which is 100 km from Mahabubnagar. Here you find a Sri […]

Alampur temple mahabubnagar

Alampur Mahabubnagar

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Alampur Mahabubnagar According to the traditions,there are four doorways to srisailam.These entrances are themselves places of pilgrimage.To the east is Tripurantakam.To the south Siddhavattam.To the […]

umamaheshwaram mahabubnagar

Umamaheshwaram Mahabubnagar

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Umamaheshwaram Mahabubnagar Umamaheswaram is located at a distance of 150 KM from Hyderabad and close by Achampet in Mahabubnagar District. Umamaheswaram temple is situated on […]

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